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Rob Allen
Former Bank CFO

"Richard saved me from making a big mistake with my pension which would have cost me a significant amount of money. He provides good independent advice without the pushy arrogance of most financial advisers. He listens to me and we work collaboratively on my investments which I really appreciate. If you are looking for a trustworthy adviser get in touch with Richard."

"A while back, I was looking for a new financial advisor because I was unhappy with the level of service I was getting. I've known Richard on and off for many years. In a sense, he is living my experience, a British expat with a Hungarian partner. We sat down on two or three occasions while he took the time to learn what I wanted to do with my savings. Not just the level of risk, but what my priorities were, where likely expenses were going to come from and so on. Only then did he make some suggestions and recommendations. He has kept in regular contact ever since then, and when I said at our last meeting that I wanted to do more ESG-related investing, he went away and researched the possibilities. I am very happy I made the switch to Richard, and I would heartily recommend him to anyone looking for someone with a genuine interest in serving your needs, and helping you meet your financial goals."

Robin Marshall,


Stuart McAllister
Managing Director


"Richard has acted as my personal financial advisor for more than 10 years now. I chose to work with Richard for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, he is a member of the expatriate community in Budapest and has been for more than 20 years now, just like me. I wanted someone to work with who will almost certainly be here when the next major milestone in my financial journey comes along, my retirement. That’s a lot to ask perhaps, when you’re in your thirties, but I wanted to cooperate with someone with whom I had the best chance of celebrating my retirement 25-30 years hence. I also wanted to work with someone independent, who is going to offer me investment opportunities that work for me. This is exactly what Richard offers me. Richard also makes planning for my future easy. We sit down on a regular basis and he examines where I am on my personal wealth journey and guides me in terms of any changes that need to be made. All in all, I plan to continue to work with Richard until my retirement and beyond."

"Richard has a straightforward, honest, no-frills approach to financial advice that helped me gain clarity and better understand my financial situation. Clear, simple graphics gave me a picture of what my financial future looks like given various scenarios. The whole process helped make a significant financial decision much easier. Knowing how long my money will last given my current rate of earning and spending was an eye-opener. Knowing what adjustments can and need to be made will make tomorrow easier to deal with."

Mary Murphy
Communications Coach


John Alexander
Retired Pilot


"I am very happy to recommend Richard as a financial advisor. I have known him for a little under two years and indeed I contacted him on the recommendation of a friend. I have found Richard to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly. His financial advice has been spot on and I am most pleased with the progress that we have made. Richard has been in the business for many years and it shows in his depth of understanding of finance. He has the envious ability to explain complex dealings in a simple manner, at least to this layman.  As I approach retirement I feel that my interests will be secure in Richard’s hands."

"Richard helped with financial advice after a significant disappointment with my previous financial advisor. He was able to bring my investments back on track, and make the investment portfolio consistent with my risk profile. In doing this he built up trust, and has continued to provide financial advice over the last years. We regularly check-in to see that we are on track, and I also like the way he uses models to check that I am properly prepared for retirement. On top of that I enjoy Richard's company and we have had several good nights out in Budapest."

David Pullan


Jackie Das
Global Project Manager

"Richard worked tirelessly to help me access my Pension when I moved to Hungary from the US (a very complex process), even contacting the tax authorities to check my tax position. If this is not going the extra mile, then I don't know what is!! If you want a trustworthy, responsive person to help you manage and plan your long term finances, then I cannot recommend Richard highly enough."

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