Our Story


When not working…

With two young children most of my spare time is devoted to my family.


I like being outdoors, into hiking, cycling, and skiing.

I support Aston Villa.

Also like: reading, music, lying on the sofa watching movies and Netflix, good food, good wine, in moderation of course, and a bit of socialising.

My name is Richard Holmes, and I help people make decisions to make work optional.


I also fix broken retirement plans and broken portfolios.


I have been a Financial Planner for 26 years. In 2005 I set up Gerrards Wealth Management.

More work stuff about me...

I’m originally from Birmingham, now living in Budapest. I left the UK in 2000 and have spent the last 22 years helping other expats to make sense of their financial situation and achieve financial independence and peace of mind. 

I’m fully UK qualified, and we are authorised and regulated across the EU and beyond.


Richard Holmes DipPFS

Principal & Financial Planner


What do I do?

I help people make sense of their financial situation now, and help them to achieve the life they want in the future. To do this I wear three hats, which are...

Life Planner

Life is not a rehearsal, precious time is slipping away, my job therefore is to identify exactly what sort of life you want to live, and the type of lifestyle you want to enjoy during the time you’ve got left on this planet.

Financial Planner


With the aid of our financial planning software, I will show you where you are heading financially, and help answer life’s big questions, such as:

Are we going to be OK?

When can I retire or slow down?

How much is enough?

Do I have enough already?


At this stage we'll also explore what you need to be doing now in order that you don't run out of money later. And we will interactively build your road-map to financial independence and peace of mind.


Financial Adviser

​Most advisers only wear one hat, the Financial Adviser hat. This is because they are more interested in your money than they are in you. I believe this is the wrong approach.


By wearing three hats we go the extra mile. By really getting to understand you and what you want from life, we can help you achieve the best life possible with money that you have.


At this stage if the needs of your Financial Plan dictate that Financial Advice is needed around pensions and portfolios etc.  Any advice given will be of the higest quality because it will be totally relevant to you, actually based on what really matters to you, on what you are trying to achieve with the rest of your life, and not driven by any need to try to engineer the sale of a financial product.