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Recently Retired?

Recently retired? Congratulations!

You probabaly know only too well that getting to retirement is like struggling to get to the top of a mountain, it takes hard work and sacrifice.

If you are recently retired, you now face a different challenge, getting down the mountain safely.

Girl descending from the pass in mountains.jpg

Take Mount Everest for instance. According to mountain climbing expert Stewart Green, most deaths occur while descending the upper slope, after they’ve reached the summit. It’s in the area above 8,000m called the ‘Death Zone.’ The high elevation and corresponding lack of oxygen coupled with extreme temperatures, weather and some dangerous icefalls, create a greater risk of death than on the ascent.

As Retirement Sherpas, we'll help you get down the retirement mountain safely, protecting you from the two biggest risks that you are likely to face:

Inflation, the thief that keeps on taking, eroding your buying power, over what could be a long retirement of constantly rising living costs.

And outliving your wealth and running out of money while you are still alive.

Our mission in life is to help protect our clients from these risks and to make sure they never run out of money in retirement.

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