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    We are Financial Planners who specialise in helping expats in their 50's make work optional and successfully transition into retirement.


    Our main purpose is working to make sure our clients get the retirement they want and never run out of money during their lifetime.


    We can help you gain clarity by helping you make sense of your financial situation and showing you where you are heading financially.


    Do you have unanswered questions, like these? 

    Am I going to be OK?

    Will my family be OK if anything happens to me?

    Will I run out of money?

    When can I retire or slow down?

    Or how much do you need to maintain your desired lifestyle for the rest of your life, without fear of ever running out of money?  


    How much is enough?








    Whatever your questions we'll help you find the clarity you need and create a plan that aligns your finances with what is important in life to you, that will help you get and keep the life you want. We'll then partner with you to implement the plan and help you get your financial house in perfect working order and give you an overwhelming sense that you are on track to reach your precious life goals.

    How much is your enough?


    What’s your number? 

    Everyone’s got one!

    If you’d like to find out yours, and get answers to your big questions, get in touch to find out how we can help.


    Or you can send us a message

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    Rob Allen
    Former Bank CFO

    "Richard saved me from making a big mistake with my pension which would have cost me a significant amount of money. He provides good independent advice without the pushy arrogance of most financial advisers. He listens to me and we work collaboratively on my investments which I really appreciate. If you are looking for a trustworthy adviser get in touch with Richard."

    Gerrards Wealth Management

    Madar Utca 13A, Budapest 1025, Hungary

    +36 30 414 1519 (Hungary) 

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