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How Do We Invest

Our Guiding Principles  


We believe a portfolio is a funding vehicle for your plan, the plan exists to enable you to get what you want from life and to achieve your cherished goals. This is the approach we take to investing:  


  1. Identify your goal 

  2.  Create a plan to achieve the goal

  3. Create a portfolio

The objective of the portfolio is to execute the plan.  


Our overall philosophy of investment advice is goal-focused and planning-driven. This is different to a market-focused and current-events driven approach.  


We never forecast the economy, attempt to time the markets, or predict which market sectors will ‘outperform’ others over the next block of time. We’re financial planners, not fortune tellers.  


Our essential principles of portfolio management are as follows:  


  1. The performance of a portfolio relative to a benchmark is largely irrelevant to long-term financial success. 

  2. The only benchmark we should follow is whether you’re on track to achieve your financial goals. 

  3. We measure risk as the probability that you won't achieve your goals.  

  4. The investing objective is to minimise that risk.  

Tuning Out the Noise 

Market Behavior and the Weather

The Power of Markets

Market Volatility 

The Uncommon Average

The Cost of Trying to Time the Market

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Rob Allen
Former Bank CFO

"Richard saved me from making a big mistake with my pension which would have cost me a significant amount of money. He provides good independent advice without the pushy arrogance of most financial advisers. He listens to me and we work collaboratively on my investments which I really appreciate. If you are looking for a trustworthy adviser get in touch with Richard."

Gerrards Wealth Management

Madar Utca 13A, Budapest 1025, Hungary

+36 30 414 1519 (Hungary) 

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