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Planning for Retirement

How much is enough?


We specialise in providing retirement planning and investment advice for:


Company Directors / Senior Executives / Partners Professional Practices / Business Owners or if you: 

  • Have a good lifestyle that you want to preserve in retirement.

  • Are beginning to think about retirement. 

  • Have more than £250,000 in pensions and investments.

  • Are seeking professional advice to prepare for a comfortable retirement.

  • Want to delegate the complex tasks and focus your time on what matters most to you.


At retirement, your whole financial life essentially collapses down to one question, which is: will your money outlive you, or will you outlive your money?

A non-smoking couple of average retirement age – which is around 62 – has a joint life expectancy of 30 years. In English, that means the second person will pass at 92. I caution you that, like all actuarial numbers, that’s an average.

At trendline inflation of 3%, the cost of living will rise nearly two and a half times in those 30 years. That is, it will cost almost £2.50 in the 30th year of retirement to buy what £1 bought in the first year.

If you haven’t got a plan to increase your income by about as much as your living costs go up in retirement, then you may in effect have a plan for running out of money.

Our mission in life is to help people make the right kind of plan and to make sure our clients never run out of money in retirement.

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Rob Allen
Former Bank CFO

"Richard saved me from making a big mistake with my pension which would have cost me a significant amount of money. He provides good independent advice without the pushy arrogance of most financial advisers. He listens to me and we work collaboratively on my investments which I really appreciate. If you are looking for a trustworthy adviser get in touch with Richard."

Gerrards Wealth Management

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+36 30 414 1519 (Hungary) 

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