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Interview - Geting The Best Life Possible With The Money You Have & Avoiding Investment Mistakes
Financial Advice For Expats

Interview - Geting The Best Life Possible With The Money You Have & Avoiding Investment Mistakes

Please contact me by email if you would like to receive a copy of my Retirement guide. To get a second opinion. Or regarding: Financial Planning, Life Planning, Retirement, Investing, Behavioural Finance, Personal Finance Coaching, If you have questions, or need help. Visit our website: Like us on facebook! Financial advice for British Expats. Richard Holmes Linkedin Profile: Interview 0.00 - Introduction 0.50 - What are the biggest worries, concerns and problems for people when it comes to personal finance? 1.52 - How do you help your clients remove financial worry from their lives and answer their big questions? 3.44 - So once a financial plan is in place are we all set? 4.52 - What should someone who is nearing retirement be thinking about? 6.22 - What are the main risks faced by people who are heading towards, or in retirement and how might you help them manage those risks. 9.13 - What advice would you give to someone who is looking to invest a cash lump sum? 10.23 - Is it a good strategy to try predict what the market is going to do and then make changes to your investment portfolio? 12.53 - Now I’m quite interested in behavioural finance. How much does people behaviour play into all of this? Specifically with regards to reaching their financial goals. 15.15 - We often hear about scams. Do you have any advice on how to spot and avoid a scam? 16.14 - When people are looking to get Financial advice what might they need to consider? 17.54 - We are living in uncertain times and we are in a global recession, so what advice would you give to people who are worried about the impact of all of this on their investments. What should they be doing? 19.17 - What do you think is the best investment that anybody could make? 20.02 - What is your philosophy when it comes to personal finance?
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